mex -- Modal Editor for X

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mex is a source code editor which works similarly to vi. However, mex doesn't try to be 100% vi compatible since the original vi is a general purpose editor. Instead, mex replaces some of the vi commands with commands that are more useful for editing source code. A number of useful features have been implemented in mex. These include:

  • Unlimited undo-redo
  • Editing multiple buffers and using multiple windows.
  • Lua-based configuration mechanism.
  • Commands specific to editing source code with a C-like syntax
  • Dialog based helpers that aid in selecting files, buffers and similar
  • Ability to work on remote files.

mex is a work in progress. Therefore we welcome all developers in our project. You may write code if you wish or just help us with the design.

mex runs on GNU/linux and win32. Unlike older releases, mex 3 runs without any other dependencies such as cygwin.

Help Wanted

We are in need of developers and testers. If you are interested, drop a line at the developer forum or send an email to cinarus at yahoo dot com.